I have always had many hobbies , such as motorbikes, RC cars, planes and helicopters, building kit cars, restoring classic cars; in fact I have have another website detailing my kit car builds www.softstar.co.uk.

Another interest of mine is Art and whilst I have always been able to draw reasonably well , I had never attempted painting to any degree, then just over a year ago (as of April 2014), my wife bought me an Airbrush Kit.

After researching all the youtube videos I could find and extensive use of Google, I sprayed my first practice work... what a mess :-) it took quite a while to grasp the techniques and control required to use an Airbrush. All the work you view on this site is as a result of constant practice, gradually getting better as my skills increase. I am self taught and have yet to go on any Airbrush courses, (which would make a lovely birthday present 'hint, hint').

Fortunately I have the full support of my lovely wife and family who are always there to provide encourage and support when frustration gets the better of me during the learning process.

I have been painting all sorts of different subjects, mainly to learn the different techniques required, as for instance it takes a completely different approach to paint furry animals compared with portraits. I do seem however to prefer painting Nature or Wildlife subjects, perhaps it is my country boy background showing through.

I recently took early retirement in 2013, (I am a healthily 56 years old), so now hope to devote more quality time to my hobbies :-)